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Origins - Sleeping Notes
Sijie Xu 徐思捷


In this set of installation works, I interspersed the bat bones to imitate the shape of shadows and sprayed them with Musou Black paint. Under a single light source with low illumination, the bat skeleton is entangled with its own projection, as if it has lost the boundary between reality and virtuality. In addition, the slender shape of bat bones and the hollow nature of the material allow it to be used as an orchestral-like "instrument." So I installed small linear motors on several nodes of the skeleton, input sound signals to the positive and negative poles of the motor, and converted the electrical signals to make the bones vibrate and produce sound (resonance principle).

The slender skeletal part is involved in its own projection, like a note sleeping in a chaotic world, vibrating like a string. Following the intuitive image of this form, I thought of recording the snoring of human beings sleeping soundly as the sound source. And the bat's ultrasonic positioning system is used as the induction module activated by the trigger device. I use modern technology to create a magical presence experience that makes the viewer confused between sounds and images.


Xu Sijie graduated from the Photography Department of China Academy of Art with a bachelor's degree. Graduated from the China Academy of Art with a master's degree in the direction of contemporary graphic media art and modeling, and currently works and lives in Hangzhou. He regards photography as a "daily lesson", extracts technical logic from the generation principle and internal order of images, and tries to find a new structural relationship between the visible daily life and the invisible reality.

His works participated in the Jimei x Arles International Photography Festival, were shortlisted for the 11th Three Shadows Photography Award, and won the first prize in the Outstanding Master and Doctoral Program of China Academy of Art & West Lake University.