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Merzflow 澴流
Xiaofeng Zhao 赵小锋


The general meaning of the above passage in Classical Chinese is as follows:“The things in the world are diverse, with countless variations. Where does one stand among people? To go with the flow is to confine oneself, to resist the current is to deceive oneself, and to follow the multitude is to feel lost. If one desires stability and self-positioning, they must go against the current while conforming to the prevailing trend, creating a whirlpool of thoughts and generating a force from within.” This artwork takes inspiration from Kurt Schwitters' concept of "Merz," proposed a hundred years ago. According to Schwitters himself, "Merz" is an equalizing dynamic process that extends beyond an artistic style—it is a worldview, even a force. The artwork endeavors to reconsider the significance of "Merz" in the present day, connecting the swirling power represented by the Chinese character "澴" with the dynamic equalizing force of "Merz." Through this exploration, it seeks to find a path for individual existence in a fragmented environment, resisting a fate of fragmentation.


Xiaofeng Zhao(born November, 1998), born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Currently studying in the Open Media Department of the School of Intermedia Art at China Academy of Art. Work and live in Hangzhou.