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Body Cosmos
Rem Rungu Lin 林润谷


Body Cosmos is an immersive and interactive artwork that connects the human body with the cosmic environment through real-time bio-data. Using volumetric rendering techniques and particle system, we create a surreal virtual reality that reflects the intricate structures of human anatomy and celestial nebulae. We integrate a heart rate sensor and an EEG headband to capture and process bio-data into emotion indicators, which influence the visualization of particles in the artwork. This creates an intimate, personal connection with the cosmos, transcending immediate presence and nurturing a perpetual presence within the cosmic expanse. We also provide two engagement modes: Roller Coaster Mode and Free Explore Mode, allowing different levels of exploration. Body Cosmos is more than a visual spectacle; it sparks curiosity, expands the imagination, and enhances awareness of our embodied and cosmic


Rem RunGu Lin is a digital artist and the co-founder of Funtheory/Befun studio. He investigates the intersections of bio-data, generative art, mixed reality, and human-computer interaction in his research and artwork. He holds a master’s degree from MIT and is pursuing his PhD in Computational Media and Art (CMA) at HKUST(GZ). His works/papers have been Recognized in international conferences/exhibition including Ars Electronica, Siggraph Asia, IEEE VIS AP, VINCI, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Guangzhou New Year Poetry Festival, “Vision Shenzhen” Shenzhen Light Art Museum, Guangdong Modern Dancing Week and etc.