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Mulan Dream Series
Jiayang Huang and Yiran Chen


Artificial Intelligent Generation Content (AIGC), has been widely disseminated in the fields of technology, academia, and the arts. This project explores the application of various AI tools and the visualization of dream experiences through multimedia. It utilizes AI-generated multimodal materials as perceptible dream content, employs light and mechanical installations to create immersive dream atmospheres, and employs a fictional AI-Mulan narrator to recount her dream story. Through artistic practice, it delves into Mulan's unconscious realm and conducts a psychoanalysis of a historical figure. It represents an interdisciplinary exploration of art and psychoanalysis through AI visualization.


Jiayang is a new media artist, artistic researcher, and independent filmmaker. His work exists at the intersection of media art, technology, and psychoanalysis. He is passionate about fostering the development of individual subjectivity and identity through the implementation of cutting-edge technological artistry. Additionally, his artistic statement encompasses the exploration of poetry and love within his creative practice.

Yiran CHEN is an MPhil student at HKUST(GZ) studying AI in the Information Hub. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Statistics from Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC). Her research interest lies in computer vision, deep learning, and AI animation for digital storytelling.