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Ripples Across The Latent Space
- The Art Exhibition Program of VINCI 2023

Ripples Across the Latent Space delves into the hidden zone in our technologically-entwined epoch. The term "latent space" often finds its root in the realm of machine learning, specifically in generative models. It represents a mathematical space where potential realities exist, to be translated or "decoded" into comprehensible forms for the human observer. Through an open call, the jury committee selected 16 artworks that respond in various ways to this era marked by the deep layers of machine learning and the vast expanse of big data. Each work stands as a window into the obscured dimensions of our existence. While endeavors in data visualization or explainable AI strive to reveal and clarify, the artworks here do not necessarily aim to elucidate. Instead, they resonate with humanity's attempts not just to decode but to contemplate the rich complexities of experience. Like gentle ripples moving across the water's surface and forming mesmerizing patterns, these works poetically reimagine our conditions in the mediated realities.

The works in the exhibition range from generative river flows rendered in ink painting styles to immersive imagery that reimagines the relationship between consciousness and nature, from an embodied exploration of dance clip databases to algorithmically controlled images revealing movement patterns in sporting event audiences, from a cosmic space composed of bio-data to a virtual exploration of the psychological space as expressed through the poetry of migrant factory workers. They prompt inquiries: How can the unseen, the latent, influence our perception of the world? What subtle patterns remain hidden within the folds of nature and algorithms? In a era where the tangible is often seen as echoes of concealed systems, this exhibition invites us to survey the nuanced area between the latent and the perceptible.

-- Rui Hu, VINCI 2023 Art Exhibition Co-chair

10AM-5PM, September 22 - October 13, 2023 (except holidays and weekends)

Computational Media and Arts Lab Space, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), Nansha, Guangzhou, China

External visitors should register with ruihu@ust.hk at least 24 hours in advance

In the Exhibition:
- Pat Badani & Mariel Martinez, BichEden: Folds
- Davide Bernardis, Materia
- Shu Cao 曹澍, Past and Future Observer
- Dong Ding 丁栋, Arabesque No.1
- Fang Fang 房方, Yu Lu 卢雨 & Shuo Yan 闫烁, Z Box
- Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet Sola, Interactive NeuroKnitting
- Jiayang Huang 黄嘉杨 & Yiran Chen 陈怡然, Mulan Dream Series
- Seph Li 李昊哲, Everything Before, Everything After
- Rem Rungu Lin 林润谷, Body Cosmos
- Zhuangxiang Lin 林庄祥, Human Tornado No.1
- Kristin McWharter, WAVE
- Theodoros Papatheodorou & Jessica Wolpert, Lights! Dance! Freeze!
- Mingnan Wei 魏铭南, Yu Zhou 周瑜 & Lei Han 韩磊, Labor Manuals
- Sijie Xu 徐思捷, Origins - Sleeping Notes
- Rundong Zhao 赵润东, Allegorithm
- Xiaofeng Zhao 赵小锋, Merzflow

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